Our aim is to empower Nordic SMEs and start-ups as well as African start-up and SMEs, and foster the African ecosystem by building bridges between Africa and the Nordic, while at the same time helping Nordic start-ups and SMEs with their Africa Market Strategies.

"I want to contribute in changing the faith of entrepreneurship on the continent of Africa"

I am a true believer in walking the path of one´s purpose. Entrepreneurship for me, is about walking the path of my purpose; so that I can add value to myself, others and my community. It´s about aligning myself with my path and the power of my purpose so that I can impact the world.
My name is Dede Koesah, and I am an experienced business developer and entrepreneur with 14 years experiences from strategy development and all aspects of business development functions from the market to customer and relationship management sides from the private and humanitarian sectors.

My entrepreneurial journey started between the age of 5 and 6 with the business of selling fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) in Lomé, Togo; when I asked my mother if she could give me some of her products to sell on my way to visiting a friend. By the time I came back home, not only have I sold everything; but I have also doubled the prices, and made my own profit. I then made a business deal with mother, where I borrowed money to sell FMCGs. I was later given the responsibility to mange a Taxi with two drivers at the age of 9, where I learnt everything from accounting to leadership and business management. I understood at a young age the power and impact that businesses could have in local communities.

I have ever since had a strong passion for business and entrepreneurship, which later led me to acquiring a Bachelor degree in International Business and master degree in Technology and Innovation.

Having lived hana, Togo, Benin, Norway, England, France and Mexico, I bring an innovative and holistic approach into different aspects of business development. I am particularly interested in the role innovation and governance in Business development. Within business development, I have worked from lead generation to customer relationship, strategy development, marketing, sales, governance, competitive analysis, partnership and market analysis.

As a business developer, I can help Nordic companies and start-ups create long value through: Business development, strategy development, concept development, organisationalDevelopment & governance.

I am also particularly interested in how startups are changing the economic structure in Africa and how technology is changing the African start-up ecosystems. I have recently started to write about the African Startup landscape, while at the same creating a database on the African startup ecosystems. I have so far 5000 companies in my database: Start-ups, investment companies, hubs, SMEs, accelerators and relevant corporate companies.

Empowering The African Start-up Ecosystems from abraod

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I have a strong background from Business Development and Organisational Development. Within Business Development, I have worked on the market, customer and partnership sides. My experience within Organisational Development includes governance, youth empowerment, international collaboration and organisational politics.
Advisory Services

I can assist individuals, both Nordic and African startups, SMEs and organisations with concept development, personal branding, organisational development and strategy through consulting services and various workshops.
  • Market Research and Analysis on the African start-up ecosystems

  • Assisting Nordic companies in developing Market Entry Strategy for African markets and ecosystems

  • Assisting SMEs and startups with Diaspora Marketing & Strategy
  • Lead Generation

  • Business Development
  • Personal & Professional Development

  • Organisational Development

  • Personal Branding & Strategic Networking

  • Diaspora Marketing & Strategy

  • Concept development

  • Strategy Development
  • The Importance of Diaspora Angel Investment for the African ecosystem

  • Why Nordic companies need an Africa Strategy

  • African and Nordic companies Need A Diaspora Strategy

  • Diversity and Innovation: My personal journey of the fluidity identity of multiculturalism

  • The Path and Purpose of Entrepreneurship

Services for Nordic Companies

Koesah Keynote Consulting can help Nordic companies and investors with market research and market entry strategy to African markets and conduct research on the African start-up ecosystem.

Nordic companies should have A Strategy for Africa
While the world is ageing, the majority of the 1.2 billion Africans living on the continent are young people. This means that more than half of the world's population growth will be in Africa by 2050.

The question for Nordic SMEs and startups should not be "should we enter African markets?" but rather "how should we enter African markets?". From a business perspective, every company should have an "Africa Strategy", and companies who are without a market entry strategy to the continent are either going to be outcompeted in the global market or be irrelevant.

Dede Koesah is passionate about technology startups in Africa, and is on a mission of contributing in changing the faith of entrepreneurship on the continent. She is is interested in technology, and its interception with the African start-up ecosystems; with the experience in blogging and writing about the African Startup landscape.

She can help both Nordic and African companies with market research, lead generation, business development and strategy.

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